Active Learning

Active learning tools

Students can use a range of active learning / study tools available to supplement their studies both during and outside of a lecture. 

These tools are: 

  • Note takingAllows you to take notes during a lecture, matching them to the corresponding lecture slides displayed when a note is added. Combined with the Search function, this is useful in keeping your notes organised for review. 
  • Discussions panelIf you have any questions regarding the course content, post them to the Discussions panel for the lecturer and your peers to answer. You may ask a question anonymously without raising a hand in class.
  • Interactive activitiesYour lecturers may include interactive slides such as multiple-choice questions or polls to be completed during the lecture. This can be a good way to test your knowledge on the current lecture material and give your lecturer feedback on your learning. Questions may also trigger class discussion of difficult concepts.
  • BookmarksYou can mark specific slides during a lecture to make it easier to find certain information. This can be useful if you want to return to the slide later for review or taking notes.
  • Confused flagsYou can flag specific slides you find confusing. The lecturer is notified of these flags so that they can provide more explanation during or after the lecture. 
  • SearchAllows you to search for keywords contained in your Notes and the Discussions panel.

These tools are accessible at any time, before, during and after your lecture. For more information on how to access these tools, visit View and Download Lecture Recordings.