BITSA Buddies

Who can join this program?

If you are a first year student studying an Information Systems degree then this is the mentoring program for you! Information Systems degrees include Bachelor of Information Systems, Bachelor of Information Systems (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce / Information Systems. We also welcome students who are doing Information Systems as a second major.  

Program Description

BITSA Buddies is a unique program offering one-on-two peer mentoring session with an older Information Systems Student. Mentees are paired with a handpicked mentor and will have flexible sessions as well as exciting group activities throughout the semester. This program is a great way to meet some of the amazing older students within the Information Systems community. 

When does the Program run?

BITSA Buddies runs during semester one from Week 1 to Week 12.

When are registrations open?

Registrations for mentees opens Monday 20th February and run throughout O-Week and Week 1. 

How do I register to participate in the program?

Register by coming to our O-Week stall located on the Upper Walkway on Kensington Campus. From there we’ll be in contact!

More information: 

Email: Send your peer mentoring queries to and we will be in touch.


How can I become a mentor?

Mentor Applications have opened and will run from until the 23rd February. Find BITSA – UNSW Information Systems Society on Facebook or use this link: . Can’t wait to see you on the team!