Academic Program Review Student Panel Members

Academic Program Review Student Panel Members

UNSW Faculties are required to review all degree programs at least once every 7 years. These reviews are completed by a Panel, which includes a student or recent graduate member representative. These panels undertake a detailed review of program documentation, interview key figures, often including the Dean, Program Director and teaching staff, and write a detailed report.

Student members are required to participate in all these tasks, and maintain the highest standards of discretion and professionalism.


Student members of the panel are responsible for the Review, undertaken every 7 years, into the academic programs of the University (coursework and research).

How to get involved

Students are approached by the relevant Head of School or Associate Dean.


Student member of the Academic Program Review Panel


Consultation with the Chair of the Review Panel.


Various dates and times across the academic year. Total commitment is between 25-30 hours.


Availability of activity

All year round

Type of activity

Committees & councils

Provider of activity


Interest area

Tutoring & mentoring, Writing & editing

Skills required and/or developed

Academic & scholarly skills, Critical & analytical thinking

Contacts and more information


Academic Board


Graham Forsyth, Deputy President


For more information about co-curricular activities see UNSW Advantage.