Computer Science and Engineering (CSESoc Student Network)

Who can join this Peer Mentoring Program?

This CSESoc Student Network Peer Mentoring program is for commencing undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolling in a degree offered by the School of Computer Science and Engineering. All incoming students, local or international, single or dual degree, are eligible to register.

Program description

The CSESoc Student Network is designed to assist with your transition into life at CSE and UNSW, and make the overall university experience less daunting. Our aim is to help new students form connections with other first year students and peer mentors in a casual, relaxed setting. Events held include: various bonding games/activities, parties, workshops, beginner coding competitions, and much more. Your assigned mentors will also meet with you throughout the first 5 weeks of the term for catch-ups where you can ask for help or advice if you are feeling lost.

When does this program run?

The program runs in Term 1 and Term 3.

Program duration

The mentor-mentee component of the program starts in Week 1 and ends in Week 5 with social activities/events throughout the term.

When are registrations open?

Registrations are open from mid January for the Term 1 Peer Mentoring Program.

Registrations are open from late August/early September for the Term 3 Peer Mentoring program.

I am a new student, how do I register to participate in the program?

When open, a registration form will be available at

An email will also be sent to new CSE students to inform them about the Mentoring program. The CSESoc O-Week stall can also help you sign up.
Additionally, you can follow our Facebook page "CSESoc UNSW" to stay up to date with new events and information!

I am a senior student, how can I become a mentor?

The requirements and details of how to become a mentor are available at

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