UNSW Engineering Society Peer Mentoring Program

Who can join this Peer Mentoring Program?

This program is for all commencing undergraduate students from the Engineering Faculty.

Program description

The Engineering Mentoring Program aims to help you make a smooth transition to university life and to assist with common enquiries that first year students ask - e.g. Where, What, How and Why?

Mentees are usually matched with a Mentor studying the same engineering plan, depending on numbers. Group meetings and social bonding events are scheduled throughout the term, and communication is via phone, emails or Facebook depending on the mentor.

We strongly encourage all new engineering students to join the mentoring program and make the most of what it has to offer. Participating in the program is also a good way to make friends and start developing networks.

When does this program run?

Term 1

Program duration

This program runs for the whole duration of the term (Week 1 to Week 10).

When are registrations open?

Registrations to participate open in 2020. Follow UNSW Engineering Society on Facebook or sign up to our mailing list to keep updated!

I am a new student, how do I register to participate in the program?

Applications open soon - keep an eye on our Facebook page!

Alternatively, you can also sign up at the UNSW Engineering Society Stall during O-Week.

More information

I am a senior student, how can I become a mentor?

Details as to how to apply can be found at the page below: