Commonwealth Supported Fees

The below table displays the UNSW tuition fee (student contribution) amounts per Equivalent Full-Time Study Load (EFTSL); i.e. one year of full-time study (48 uoc) for a Commonwealth supported student.

2020 Commonwealth supported tuition charges

2020 Student contribution bands
Student contribution amount per EFTSL
Student contribution amount per 6uoc (0.125 EFTSL)
Band 3: Law, Medicine, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce$11,155$1,394
Band 2: Mathematics, Statistics, Science, Computing, Built Environment, other health, Allied Health, Engineering, Surveying$9,527$1,190
Band 1: Humanities, Behavioural Science, Social Studies, Education, Clinical Psychology, Foreign Languages, Visual and Performing Arts$6,684$835
Note: Courses are charged based on relevant content which means, in some cases, the band amount may vary. Please refer to the UNSW Handbook for details.

In addition to tuition fees, UNSW will charge you a Student Services & Amenities Fee


How to calculate fees

Below is an example for a 6 uoc course in Band 1.

Course units of creditEFTSL in units of creditstudent contribution band chargeCharge per course
6   ÷48   ×$6,684  =$835


You can find the units of credit per course in the UNSW Handbook. The EFTSL at UNSW is currently always 48.

Am I eligible for Commonwealth support

Commonwealth supported places are competitive and are only available to domestic students.

Domestic undergraduate students who are offered a place through the University Admissions Centre (UAC) will be offered a Commonwealth supported place (CSP).

There are also postgraduate Commonwealth supported places. These places are limited and must be applied for, either directly to UNSW or through UAC. Please see our Postgraduate Commonwealth Support page for more details.

For more information on Commonwealth support eligibility, please refer to Commonwealth Assistance.

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