Summer Term

Summer Term

UNSW offers an extensive range of courses in Summer Term to help you fast track your study or to help those students who have four courses left to complete after Semester 2, 2018. This Summer Term is held over December and January, although some courses may start in late November and finish in early February.

Most courses offered in the Summer Term are offered in an intensive mode.

How to enrol

Enrolment at UNSW is changing. From October this year we will be allowing students to enrol annually for all of their intended courses for 2019. See this Annual Enrolment page for more information.

Summer course offerings are available now for the 2018/2019 Summer term, and the Summer class timetable will be released on 5 October.

Course Enrolment for the Summer Term opens from 2 October.

Class Registration opens from 18 October.

Your enrolment is your responsibility:

  • You must enrol in your course before the enrolment deadline. Enrolling after the deadline will attract a late enrolment fee and may have other implications for your enrolment.
  • If you want to withdraw from a course (drop), the drop deadline is the last day you can withdraw without academic penalty, and the census date is the last day you can withdraw without financial liability for the course. There are also other deadlines to consider before you drop.

Teaching dates

There are 3 teaching periods in Summer Term:

  • U1: 8 weeks from late November to early February
  • U1B: 4 weeks from early January
  • U1C: 6 weeks from early December to late January

UNSW is closed during the Christmas and New Year period.

For specific dates, see the Academic Calendar.

Tuition fees / student contributions

See details at Summer Semester Fees

International students and visa requirements

International students may enrol in the Summer Term. The Summer Term is not recognised as a compulsory study period, and international students are not required to maintain a full-time enrolment during this time.

See also Visa Requirements.

Academic standing

Academic standing indicates current progress toward completion of a program.

Results obtained in the Summer Term will be counted towards Term 1 academic standing.

See also Academic Standing.


Students who complete their studies in Summer Term will be assigned to a Graduation Ceremony at the end of Term 1 – May 2019.

Disability support

If you are considering enrolling or have enrolled in Summer Term courses, it is very important that you let your Educational Liaison Coordinator know.

See Summer Term Disability Support for more information.