Summer Term

Summer Term

UNSW offers an extensive range of courses in Summer Term to help you fast track your study or add flexibility. Summer Term is usually held over December and January, although some courses may start in late November and finish in early February.

Most courses offered in Summer Term are the same as those offered in Semesters 1 and 2, but in an intensive mode. This is typically a 6 to 8 week period for core and elective courses and as little as 1 or 2 weeks in super-intensive mode for some general education courses.

How to enrol

Enrol as soon as you can, as some courses are very popular and places fill quickly. See a full list of enrolment dates and deadlines.

To enrol update your enrolment on myUNSW here

If you need help enrolling or accessing myUNSW, see these Step-by-Step Guides.

Your enrolment is your responsibility

Courses available

These pages link to the courses offered in Summer Term:



    Teaching dates

    There are 3 teaching periods in Summer Term:

    • U1: 8 weeks from late November to early February
    • U1B: 4 weeks from early January
    • U1C: 6 weeks from early December to late January

    UNSW is closed during the Christmas and New Year period.

    For specific dates, see the Academic Calendar.

    Tuition fees / student contributions

    See details at Summer Semester Fees

    More information

    International students and visa requirements

    International students may enrol in Summer Term. Summer Term is not recognised as a compulsory study semester, and international students are not required to maintain a full-time enrolment during this time.

    International students are encouraged to study in Summer Term to lessen the study load during the main compulsory sessions of the year (semesters 1 and 2).

    See also Visa Requirements.

    Academic standing

    Academic standing indicates your current progress toward completion of your program.

    Results you obtain in Summer Term will be counted towards your Semester 1 academic standing.

    See also Academic Standing.


    Students who complete their studies in Summer Term will be assigned to a Graduation Ceremony the following June.

    Research students

    Students enrolled in a Research program (PhD, Masters by Research or MPhil) don't normally enrol in Summer Term.

    Disability support

    If you are considering enrolling or have enrolled in Summer Semester courses, it is very important that you let your Educational Liaison Coordinator know.

    See Summer Term Disability Support for more information.

    Why study in Summer Term?

    Summer Term is particularly useful to:

    • Fast track your degree.
    • Catch up or retake a course.
    • Complete general education requirements.
    • Students undertaking a dual program of study.
    • Students enrolled in a concurrent diploma.
    • Students who begin their studies mid-year.
    • Students undertaking postgrad studies.


    Contact Student Central with any questions.


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