Step 1 - Course Enrolment

From 2 October 2018 students will enrol in the courses they intend to undertake for the following year*.

We would advise you to enrol in all of your courses for all available Terms (including Summer if you intend to study in this period). If you are anticipating completing your degree before the end of the enrolment year you may still be eligible for full-time student status in individual Terms. For more information see Full-time status and Course offering and FAQs about annual enrolment in 2019.

To Course Enrol follow these steps:

1. Go to Update Your Enrolment in myUNSW (sign on required).

  Video guide 1/4: Logging in, enrolment appointments, open course


2. Select the Update Enrolment button for the relevant program.

Please note: You now select a Year rather than a Term/Semester for enrolment.  If you are a continuing student your historical enrolment will also be available for review.

Prerequisite Rules: You must enrol in the correct sequence of courses to satisfy pre-requisite rules. If you attempt to enrol into a course before enrolling into pre-requisite courses you will receive an error message.


3. Search for the course you wish to enrol in, within the Term you intend to enrol.

  Video guide 2/4: Course Search

 TIP: There are several ways a student can search for a course:

  • No criteria entered and click search – takes the student to the Course Search page
  • Enter the subject area and click search – returns a result of all matching subject area courses
  • Complete search by entering exact subject area and catalogue number – if the result is an exact match it will load straight into your enrolment basket, otherwise you will be directed to a list of matching course offerings to select from.

 4. Select the course you wish to enrol in, by clicking the tick box under the Add column and click Continue as shown below

Note: Multiple courses can be selected e.g. Course ENGG1000 and ENGG1811 could be both selected to course enrol below.

Search results displays mode of delivery and location for each course. This information can assist you in deciding which course to take e.g. in person, distance etc.

 Add more courses to the term you are enrolling in, by repeating steps 3. & 4., in the Enrolment Basket or continue to go through the process into other terms (optional).

In the example above, notice that a course has been added to the Enrolment Basket only for Term 1, 2019 as noted by the (amber) Enrolled and Registered status indicators.  At this point you are not enrolled in any courses.



  • Course: Course code
  • Description: Course name
  • Mode of delivery: In person, intensive, online
  • Location: Which campus or location teaching will take place
  • UoC: Units of credit (UoC) that will go towards your degree completion
  • Enrolled status: Refers to course enrolment. Orange x = Not course enrolled. Green tick = Course enrolled.
  • Registered: Refers to class registration. Orange x = Not class registered. Green tick = Class registered. (Please note, this will never be Green at the course enrolment stage)
  • Capacity: Indicates places taken out of the total capacity for that course. Example: 6/90 means six students have already enrolled in the course, and 84 spaces remain. Please note that this doesn’t give you an indication of how quickly the course is filling up.
  • Enrol?: At this point the Course is only in your Enrolment Basket. You can load as many courses as you like at this point. You are not enrolled and putting a course into the Basket does not guarantee you an enrolment. If you wish to confirm your place in this course do not hesitate. Tick the Enrol flag and submit your Enrolment Request (see Step 9). Please note you will not be able to submit your enrolment request without ticking this.

6. Once you have added all the courses you wish to enrol in and they appear in the Enrolment Basket select the Submit Enrolment Request button.

Note: At this point you may Swap or Drop courses, by selecting the Swap or Drop button.

  Video guide 3/4: Submitting an Enrolment Request

  Video guide 4/4: Swap and dropping a course, Adding new course enrolments

The example above, indicates that the Course Enrolment period is open for all three terms, however Class Registration is still closed. You will need to complete this step when the class registration period is open.

7. You have successfully course enrolled.

IMPORTANT: This is only the first step in your enrolment process. You must take note of your Class Registration enrolment appointment times to complete your enrolment as each Term opens for Class Registration.


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No criteria entered and click search – takes the student to the Course Search page