View and Download Lecture Recordings

When a lecture recording (called an "Echo") becomes available to view and download, it will display in the EchoCenter, which is accessible from the Moodle course home page.

This page contains instructions for accessing the EchoCenter, as well as for viewing and downloading a lecture recording, and adding bookmarks to a recording.

Access the EchoCenter from Moodle

To access UNSW Lecture Recordings, log in to the Learning Management System relevant to your Moodle course.

  • In Moodle, your teacher will have added the EchoCenter block to the blocks column on the left-hand side of the Moodle course home page. The EchoCenter block looks like this:

    Click the block to launch the EchoCenter.

View a lecture recording

In the EchoCenter

  1. Launch the EchoCenter for your Moodle course using the block or link on the course home page/content area.
  2. In the EchoCenter, in the Course Echoes list, click the title of the lecture you want to view, then click Play. A copyright notice displays, and then the player opens in a new, active window. The lecture will begin to play automatically. Press P or click the Pause button to stop it.
  3. Using the controls:
    • on the document pane, the video pane and the APPS panel, you can move, resize and hide the two windows
    • in the APPS window, you can select 4 different panes:
      • In the Scenes pane you can view the scenes that make up the recording. Scene breaks are inserted by Echo360 when the lecturer changes slides in a slide show, or when they start, change or switch off projection devices.
      • In the Bookmarks pane, you can (in conjunction with the player slider at the bottom) add bookmarks to the recording. (See bookmarks section below).
      • In the Info pane, you can see the title of the lecture, the instructor's name and the date and time stamp.
      • The Help pane contains a useful list of keyboard, bookmark, discussion and reply shortcuts.
    • at the bottom left of the page, you can pause the playing, move back or forward through the lecture, skip to bookmarks and adjust the volume and the playback speed
    • at the bottom right of the page, you can reset the windows to their default size and position, select which window to work with, and hide or display the APPS panel.

Icon/ ButtonFunction
Toggle full-screen view.
Hide window.
Click and drag to change window size.
Click and drag to view/review specific parts of the lecture. (Hover your mouse pointer over the player slider to view inserted bookmarks.)
Play previous scene.
Pause playing.
Play following scene.
Mute/Unmute audio.
Adjust audio volume.
Reset windows.
Toggle window on and off.
Toggle APPS panel on and off.

If the video fails to launch, check that your computer meets the minimum specifications required. You can also consult the contacts page if you experience technical or other issues.

Add a bookmark

Mark the important places in the lecture

You can mark places in a lecture recording to make it easier to find certain information. These bookmarks are user-specific; your lecturer and other students will not be able to see bookmarks you set, and neither will you be able to see theirs.

  1. Drag the playhead to the point you want to mark. (This will trigger the recording to play, so you will have to quickly pause the playing.)
  2. In the Applications window, click inside the Add a bookmark field and enter a meaningful name for your bookmark.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. To view the inserted bookmark, hover your mouse pointer over the player slider near the playhead. A popup will display listing the bookmarks you have inserted for that scene.
  5. To view all the bookmarks you've inserted into a recording, return to the recording's page in the EchoCenter and click the Bookmarks tab.
  6. In the Bookmarks window, the bookmarks display with the most recently created first. Click a bookmark to open the player window and commence playing the recording from the bookmarked position.

Download audio or video of a lecture recording

Listen at your leisure

  1. In the EchoCenter, click to highlight the lecture you want to download.
  2. Click the Information tab for the recording. The Information Tab
  3. In the Information window, at DOWNLOADS, click Audio File or Video File, depending on which version of the recording you want to download.
  4. In the Opening... window, click OK. The lecture recording will be saved to your downloads folder as a ZIP file.

Access lectures linked within a Moodle course topic

For courses with multiple lecture streams or lectures from a cross-listed course

If your course has multiple lecture streams or if you have access to lectures from a cross-listed course, the link to course recordings may display within one of the Moodle course topics.

To access the recordings:

  1. In your course home page, click the relevant topic.
  2. Within the topic, click the link to the lecture recordings .
  3. The Echo Center for the course displays. If, instead, an error message displays (You are currently not authorized...), click Logout. The Echo360 login fields display.
  4. Enter your User Name (your student zID) and Password (your zPass) and click Log In.
  5. The Echo Center displays.