School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE PGSOC)

Who can join this peer mentoring program?

Postgraduate students (all Coursework/ Research/Masters/ PhD) within the School of Materials Science and Engineering.

Program description

This program is developed to introduce commencing students to the various social aspects within the Materials Postgraduate Society and the School of Materials Science and Engineering. We provide peer mentorship to new students, as well as various welcome events and an orientation package to assist them with settling into our school.

The program aims to align both international and domestic commencing students with a peer mentor that understands their situation. Typically this mentor will be sourced from the same research group. Mentees may opt-out at any time.

For international students, we try to ensure they are introduced to and well connected with the rest of the cohort, and in particular individuals who originate from the same country. We also take steps to ensure they are aware of the protocol of the university and where they can get assistance in their degree and settling in.

For domestic students, our focus is on working through any difficulties or uncertainties they may have about transitioning from an undergraduate to a postgraduate program, and advising them about who they can contact, and what to expect at each phase. We encourage regular meetings between the mentor and up to three mentees, where the focus is on shared experiences, and understanding what circumstances are normal or expected at each student’s particular phase of their program or candidature.

When does the program run?

Term 1 and Term 3

Program duration

The program commences with the official postgraduate student welcome, which is typically in mid-March/April or July/August according to the semester. The semester program ceases when the next postgraduate cohort commences.

When are registrations open?

Students enrolled into postgraduate programs are automatically registered. Expressions of interest or enquiries are welcomed throughout the year.

I'm a new student, how do I register to participate in the program?

As stated, our students are automatically registered. For further information contact PGSOC, the Materials Postgraduate Society, at

More information


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I'm a senior student, how can I become a Mentor?

Contact Materials PGSOC at

Mentors must be current enrolled students in the School of Materials Science and Engineering postgraduate programs.