CISaustralia Virtual Internships

CISaustralia Virtual Internships

Published: 4 August 2020

CISaustralia has launched Virtual Internships!

Students will gain invaluable skills and cultural competence by working with an international organisation – all from the comfort of their home!

Choose from 4, 6 or 8 weeks to intern remotely at a company based in one of four exciting destinations around the world.

This is a great opportunity to engage with other countries and have meaningful cross-cultural connections and professional workplace experiences. With modern technology, we have the ability to bridge cultures and people from all over the world – all from the comfort of our homes and without the costs associated with travel.

The Virtual Internships are perfect for students who want to gain professional experience in their chosen field, work with an intercultural team at an international company and who are looking for an affordable (and environmentally friendly!) program option. The four Virtual internships also provide a range of potential equity and access solutions by opening up a range of new opportunities for students who might not otherwise have been able to attend a professional overseas placement. Virtual Internships are available in the following locations:

  • China and Hong Kong
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • USA


Benefits of a virtual internship:

  • Gain professional, practical experience in a project-based placement in your chosen field.
  • Build your resume with experience at an international company.
  • Learn ways to do business in a different cultural setting.
  • Participate in cultural information sessions.

Complete your virtual placement from anywhere, allowing for flexible hours and a lower cost option by saving on flights, visa fees, insurance and accommodation.

These internships include ongoing support and supervision, cultural sessions, engaging and challenging projects, and an opportunity to build international networks. CISaustralia is committed to finding each student a professional and customised virtual internship (unpaid) that matches their career ambitions, and that will help build their resume and achieve professional and academic goals (for academic credit). Applications are now open.



Students should first apply to UNSW. Deadline dates vary. 

If you wish to transfer credit for the program, you must first seek approval from your faculty for credit transfer through Cross-Institutional EnrolmentFor more information see - Applying for credit and funding for your overseas short course.

Risk assessment

All programs involve some degree of risk to participants. If you choose to source a provider on your own, please remember to do some research on them first and ensure that they are a legitimate organisation and that the product they offer will definitely meet your requirements. Students are therefore advised to undertake their own risk assessment before departure and any participation in these programs is at their own risk.

Before departure

All students should register their travel with UNSW. You should also undertake a risk assessment before heading overseas. For more information see - How to prepare for departure.

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