Other Plagiarism Resources

There is a lot of online information about plagiarism. This page aims to help you navigate your way through the huge number of available net resources. Rather than simply list a vast number of URLs , we have provided an annotated catalogue of sites that may be useful to you. Some of these sites are general resources, while others are targeted as specific skills or disciplines. This collection of resources will be updated as new resources are found. 

UNSW information

Links to helpful sites

You Quote It, You Note It!

Vaughan Memorial Library, Acadia University. A simple animated interactive tutorial that runs through the basics.

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

This site from The University of Melbourne provides a clear and simple overview of the basics.

InfoSkills - Information Literacy and Academic Integrity Tutorial

This online module from The University of Newcastle Library explains the values behind academic integrity, helps to define academic misconduct and plagiarism, and identifies some strategies and techniques for good academic practice.

Plagiarism Master

From Deakin University, this excellent self-test examines and explains elements of plagiarism and collusion.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Online tutorial from The University of Technology

Understanding Academic Integrity & Plagiarism

The University of Guelph