Built Environment Student Association (BESA) Peer Mentoring Program

Who can join this Peer Mentoring Program?

This fast-growing program is for all undergraduate students of the Built Environment Faculty. First-year students are the mentees, who are supported by trained mentors from second year or above. The program is organised by the Built Environment Student Association (BESA) and endorsed by the Peer Mentoring @UNSW Program and the UNSW Built Environment Faculty.

Program description

The principle aims of our program are to assist first year students in their transition to University, and enhance the relationships between all students of the Built Environment Faculty. The benefits of implementing such a program are:

  • To help students develop and enhance a sense of student identity
  • To ensure that students become effectively integrated into the school, faculty and campus as a whole
  • To assist students in reading course outlines, assessment notices and gaining insights into the understanding how the university marking system works
  • To provide students with the opportunity to articulate a sense of purpose about being at university and about pursuing their particular program of study
  • To aid students in acquiring the necessary skills to become independent and life-long learners.  

In the first week, we will hold a group-based session as an introduction to the program, but the majority of our program will be structured around face-to-face interaction between the mentor and the mentees. Mentoring classes are organised by the peer mentoring coordinators and where possible, mentors and mentees are matched with those who study the same undergraduate course and their time availability during the week.

When does this program run?

Term 1 (Mandatory), Term 2 and 3 (Optional)


Program duration

This program generally starts in Week 2 of Term 1 and runs either weekly or fortnightly till the end of term. Depending on the agreement amongst mentoring groups, scheduled meetings may continue as part of the program throughout the year.

I am a new student, how do I register to participate in the program?

You will receive an email around the period of December to January each year calling out for expressions of interest to become a mentee. 

I am a senior student, how do I apply to become a Mentor?

Mentor applications open around December/January.  All Mentors must undertake mandatory training organised by the university.

For more information about becoming a BESA Peer Mentor, please email the BESA Peer Mentoring coordinator on the email address below.

BESA Peer Mentoring Program Yearly Statistics

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