Student Publications

Student Publications

Here you can find UNSW blogs, magazines and social media for students.

You might also like to Volunteer your writing and communication skills to our student publications. Many volunteering opportunities are recognised by UNSW Advantage as being eligible for inclusion on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Arc student publications

UNSW Pride

Blog created by UNSW students for UNSW students to showcase the real human side of UNSW

The Bug travel blog

Collection of overseas experiences and local hotspots

Campus development

Notices about building projects on campus

Library news

Notices from the UNSW Library

IT newsoutage alerts, eLearning outages

Notices from IT and eLearning

Student@UNSW eNewsletter

Monthly newsletter emailed to students

Student news and notices

Notices published on current student website


UNSW's flagship magazine


Alumni magazine


UNSW news and media including Staff News@UNSW

UNSWTV on YouTube

UNSW videos on YouTube

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