UNSW Lecture Recordings+ FAQs



  1. What is Lecture recording+?
    UNSW Lecture Recordings+ (LR+) is an educational technology that supports engaged learning in lecture-based courses, flipped classrooms, and blended or fully online courses. You will get continuous access to review lecture resources before, during and after the class.
  2. Has it been tested at UNSW?
    Yes. LR+ has been trialled in multiple courses across four faculties for the past two years. The platform has been designed to ensure that staff and students will seamlessly switch to the new service without holdups.
  3. Do I need to login to the LR+ site?
    No. Your instructor would have created links on Moodle. You will access the recorded lectures via these links.  

Maximising learning

  1. How can I access and review my recorded lectures?
    Instructors may choose to share lectures with students via Moodle. Typically, most instructors will share one link per lecture time slot, though some may prefer sharing each recording individually. Lecture recordings will become available within a couple of hours of the lecture being complete. Some instructors may choose to release lecture recordings at a later date, such as, during the exam revision period.
    To playback your lecture recordings:
    • Log in to Moodle and click on your course.
    • Click on the UNSW Lecture Recording+ link that your instructor has shared.
    • In the class list, click on the class name of the lecture that you wish to view.
    • Use the player controls to view or engage with the recorded lecture.
  2. What are the new benefits?
    LR+ is an agile and dynamic learning environment that offers multiple benefits to both the instructors and learners. Some of the benefits for students are:
    • Download and/or replay lectures and listen to it for note-taking before, during and after the class. You can also rewind and change the speed of the video during viewing.
    • Create digital notes on the slides and videos and create bookmarks for future reference. A summary of this is available via the Study guide tab.
    • Interact with activities before class so that you get a better idea of what will happen during the class.  
    • Use flags to signal confusions to the instructor so that explanations can be modified.
    • Post questions for discussion and reference it against content.

     Click here for more information. 

  3. How can I maximise the use of LR+?
    • Review presentations before lectures if available.
    • Attend lectures.
    • Participate in class activities even if they are unassessed.
    • Ask questions and indicate to the instructor if you are confused.
    • Review the lecture recordings after the class to reinforce your knowledge.
  4. What are some of the key features that can help me get started?
    • Dashboard – shows an overview of all courses in which you are enrolled in the active term. You can also view past courses by changing the Term.
    • Library – displays a list of all resources that you have uploaded to LR+ or resources that have been shared with you.
    • Courses – Displays a dropdown menu of all courses that you can access.
    • Classes – lists all the lectures of the course. The term used by LR+ for lectures is classes.
    • Q&A – this is used to post questions to the class (other students & instructor) and respond to their questions or discussions.
    • Study guide – LR+ maintains a summary of all notes and bookmarked activities including the questions asked throughout the semester in the course.
  5. Why should I still attend lectures?
    • Social advantage
    • Develop a study routine
    • Gives you a chance to ask questions during the class
    • Do both; attend lectures and use lecture recordings. This will reinforce and maximise your learning. 

Further information and support

  1. Can I download the lecture recordings and the powerpoint slides?
    Yes. You can do this if you instructor has allowed it in the Settings. Sometimes they may only allow you access to recorded lectures before exams or if you are not able to attend the class for some genuine reason.
  2. Do I need to download other softwares for this to work?
    Not necessarily. However, note that LR+ works better with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 11 or higher.
  3. Can I use my personal device be used at the venue?
    Yes. As long as your device has a stable internet connection, you will be able to access the lectures.
  4. Where can I go for assistance and support?
    • Ask your instructor for help as sometimes certain features of LR+ are  controlled by them.
    • Refer to the resources on student support pages on the website.
    • Contact the IT service centre on 51333 or (02) 9385 1333, or via email to itservicecentre@unsw.edu.au. Ensure that you specify the nature of the assistance you require.