How to Appeal Your Academic Standing of Suspension or Exclusion

This page lists the steps and inclusions for lodging an appeal against a standing level of suspension or exclusion. If you believe your academic standing level has been incorrectly calculated, please email

You must lodge your appeal no later than the deadline advised on your letter of notification of SUSPENSION or EXCLUSION.

  1. Complete and submit this Application to Appeal Against Suspension or Exclusion Form (PDF, 158 KB). Full instructions and assistance are on the form.
  2. Attach any relevant supporting documentation (all documentation must be original and be in English - you must not submit photocopies).

    Please be aware that if you provided falsified documents in support of your application, then this will result in one of a range of penalties, from failure in the course to suspension or exclusion.  In some cases, the matter could also be reported to ICAC. As a student you must be aware of your obligations and responsibilities under the Student Code.

  3. Attach a typed supporting statement, using this letter structure (PDF, 12 KB).
  4. Mail your appeal to STAR – Re-Enrolment Appeals, Student Lifecycle, Level 9, UNSW Main Library, UNSW Sydney NSW 2052 or lodge it in person at The Nucleus: Student Hub (Kensington campus).

IMPORTANT: As this is your one opportunity to appeal to the Committee for readmission to your program, it is very important that you provide all relevant information and supporting documentation at the time that you submit your appeal. You should contact our office if you are going to have difficulty gathering supporting documentation and information by the appeal deadline.

Please note, once the Committee have made a decision, there is no further opportunity for you to update your appeal or to have it reconsidered.

What happens next

The Re-Enrolment Appeal committee will consider your appeal two weeks after the appeal submission deadline stated in your appeal.

If you elect to appear before the committee, you must be available at short notice.  Please ensure that your contact details are clear in your appeal and that you also update your contact details online via myUNSW.

Notification of the outcome of your appeal will be sent to your current mailing address as registered on myUNSW.

If you are currently enrolled in Summer Term but are suspended or excluded, you should continue studying.

Supporting documentation

Your supporting documentation must be from a specialist doctor, counsellor, Minister of Religion, or independent third party and clearly outline:

  • Date your circumstance(s) began or changed
  • How your circumstance(s) were beyond your control
  • How your circumstance(s) affected your ability to study
  • Action(s) you have taken to overcome the circumstance(s).

If your supporting documentation includes a personal statement made on a Statutory Declaration, please be advised that the declaration must be witnessed and signed by a Justice of the Peace, as should verified copies of original supporting documentation. Please be advised that a Justice of the Peace cannot write or provide supporting documentation, they are only permitted to witness and verify documentation.

Supporting statement

Your supporting statement must address the reason(s) why your academic performance has not been satisfactory. These reasons may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Academic issues,
  • Medical problem(s),
  • Employment related problem(s),
  • Course related problem(s),
  • Family/personal problem(s).

You must also advise what steps you have taken to overcome your problem(s) and what you will do differently in the future to ensure that you are successful in your studies.


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about suspension and exclusion.

My results are withheld (WC/WD) and my academic standing is suspension/exclusion. Should I appeal?


Unresolved results can lead to an academic standing of suspension or exclusion. If the result is resolved and becomes a passing grade your academic standing is recalculated and may become something other than suspension or exclusion.

However, resolution of results can take some time, so if you are in this situation assume that your academic standing is suspension or exclusion and lodge an appeal.

Is there any advantage in appearing before the Re-Enrolment Appeal Committee?

You have the right to appear before the Re-Enrolment Appeal Committee of the Academic Board, but the Committee will only consider information provided in your written appeal - it cannot consider 'new' information introduced at interview, so make your written appeal as comprehensive as possible. If you wish to appear before the Committee you must clearly indicate this in your appeal.

The Committee's decision is final. There is no further right of appeal within UNSW.

If I am suspended or excluded can I study a different program?


Academic Standing is determined at the career level (i.e. Undergraduate/Postgraduate). As a result, if you are Suspended or Excluded from one program you cannot apply to study another program during the period of Suspension or Exclusion.

If I am currently enrolled in Summer Term but am suspended or excluded, should I continue studying?

Yes, but please be aware that successful completion of the Summer course(s) will not be considered by the Re-Enrolment Appeal Committee and will have no bearing on the outcome of your appeal.

I am an international student visa holder - how does my academic standing affect my student visa?

Standard 8 of the National Code requires that all international student visa holders who are not achieving satisfactory progress in their program of study be given 20 working days in which to access UNSW's complaints and appeals process.

Following the appeals process, an international student visa holder whose appeal has been unsuccessful will be reported to the Department of Home Affairs in accordance with Standard 9 of the National Code, for failure to achieve satisfactory progress in their program of study.

For further advice on how your academic standing may affect your international student visa, please email

I intend to submit an appeal against my suspension/exclusion, however the outcome of my appeal will not be finalised by the deadline to enrol for the next term. What should I do?

As your appeal will not be finalised by the deadline to enrol for next term, you have two options:

  1. You can enrol in a maximum of two courses next term. If your appeal is not successful, you will not be permitted to continue with your enrolment next term and your enrolment in these two courses will be dropped without any penalty, i.e. they will not appear on your transcript and you will not be financially liable for the courses even if your appeal is not finalised until after the census date.
  2. Take program leave for next term. If your appeal is successful, you will be permitted to continue with your studies in the term following your program leave. If your appeal is unsuccessful, the period of Suspension will be confirmed.

I have also been Terminated for exceeding the Maximum Repeat Fails for the same course/or course rule . Do I need to submit separate appeals?

If you choose to appeal your Suspension/Exclusion and Termination, you are only required to lodge one appeal. You should complete the Application to Appeal Against Termination of Program – Maximum Repeat Fails form.

Your appeal should address the circumstances which prevented you from maintaining satisfactory progress, as well as those which prevented you from passing the same course/or course rule multiple times.

When will I be notified of the outcome of my appeal?

You will be notified of the outcome of your appeal two weeks after the appeal submission deadline stated in your Academic Standing letter.