On Campus Accommodation

The video (and this video with Mandarin subtitles) provide an overview about living on campus. Living on campus while you are a student has many benefits. Not only is every campus facility within your easy reach, it is value for money, safe, and provides a sense of community in a fun and friendly environment.

We offer a variety of rooms and apartments to choose from including fully or partly catered colleges to the more autonomous self-catered apartments, that are located on (or very close to) the UNSW campus. These housing options include University owned and managed colleges and apartments or through affiliated private colleges that UNSW works with.

Depending on your living style and needs you can pick an option that suits you best. Since demand for on campus accommodation is really high and the seats limited, you should pre-arrange it at the earliest.

For more information visit accommodation.unsw.edu.au

UNSW Accommodation

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