Course Enrolment Variation

Here you will find instructions for changing your enrolment when you cannot use myUNSW to do so. This may be:

  • When online enrolment via myUNSW has closed (usually the end of Week 1).
  • When there's a timetable clash between two classes you need to attend. This will require the written permission of both lecturers.
  • Where school authority is required.
  • Where myUNSW has not recognised that you have completed the pre-requisites for that course.


Adding courses

  • The deadline for adding courses is the end of the first week of the teaching period in which the course is offered.
  • After the appropriate deadline you must use this form to apply to add courses (proof of previous attendance may be required)
  • After the add deadline and up to the relevant census date, a late enrolment penalty fee of $250 per course will apply, other than in exceptional circumstances.
  • Please Note: In exceptional circumstances permission may be granted to add courses after the relevant census date. If such permission is granted the enrolment will be as a Non-Award (tuition fee liable) course. A late enrolment penalty fee of $250 per course will apply. 

Dropping courses

  • Courses can be dropped online via myUNSW without financial penalty up until the census date of the relevant teaching period.
  • If you drop a course after the relevant census date you will retain a HECS and/or fee liability for that course.
  • You can drop courses without academic failure up until Sunday of Week 7 of standard 12 in 13 week teaching periods (excluding breaks) and up until the census date for all other teaching periods.
  • If both the census date and the withdraw without penalty date have passed and you want to drop a course, you may be able to use the Fee Remission (Special Circumstances) process.

Attention Student Visa Holders

International Student Visa Holders are required to maintain enrolment in at least 24 Units of Credit each major semester. To comply with visa conditions, at least 18 Units of Credit must be on-campus, classroom face-to-face contact courses. Please note eLearning is not considered face-to-face contact.