Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) - John Allwright Fellowships

ACIAR students

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research is an Australian Government statutory authority that operates as part of Australia's Aid Program within the portfolio of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It contributes to the aid program objectives of advancing Australia's national interest through poverty reduction and sustainable development.

ACIAR Research and Development (R&D) programs are responsible for developing, monitoring and evaluating projects. ACIAR's teams of Research Managers and staff, with particular experience and skill in the major agricultural and natural resource management, forestry, fisheries and economics disciplines relevant to developing countries, are critical to ACIAR's role as a facilitator and funder of agricultural research for development.

There is an increased recognition by the Australian aid program of the capacity-building benefits provided to partner countries and the impact on Australia - regional relationships through support of postgraduate training in Australia.

ACIAR John Allwright Fellowships are awarded to partner-country scientists involved in ACIAR-supported collaborative research projects to undertake postgraduate training, usually at the Masters or Doctoral level, at Australian universities. The studies add value to the topic or theme of the ACIAR project in which the awardee is engaged, but do not directly form part of the project. Fellows spend up to 50% of their project period on fieldwork in their home country.

SDI at UNSW Australia manages these scholarships on behalf of ACIAR.

As an ACIAR sponsored student you enjoy various entitlements, e.g.: fieldwork, supplementary academic support and mobilisation travel

Temporary accommodation upon arrival

Upon your request, SDI will arrange initial accommodation for you for the first seven days after your arrival in Australia. Please note that you are responsible for the entire cost of the initial accommodation.

Airport pickup

Upon your request, SDI will arrange for you to be picked-up from the airport and taken either to your accommodation or the SDI office, whichever is more appropriate at the time of your arrival. [If you have arranged for your own accommodation, please refer to the FAQs for important information]

Introductory Academic Program (IAP) prior to the commencement of your studies - COMPULSORY

The IAP is paid for by the scholarship, and new Australia Awards students must attend and participate in the IAP before the semester starts. The Program is conducted by SDI. It includes general information sessions and familiarises new students with the demands of the Australian academic environment with an emphasis on academic skills needed to make a smooth transition to study in Australia.

The IAP covers academic English and communication skills including written, oral and learning components and you will also learn about managing your studies at a postgraduate level.

The Program further provides you with library skills as well as computing courses consisting of contact hours in computing labs to give you relevant skills for your learning and/or research needs at UNSW. For Australia Awards students the IAP includes attendance and participation in the StepUp program.

Again, please be advised that attendance at all components of the IAP is compulsory for all Australia Awards students.

Establishment allowance

The establishment allowance will be paid to you when you arrive in Sydney. This once-only payment is a contribution toward initial expenses such as rental bonds, text books, study materials etc. Amount: $5,000 as a once-only payment.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

SDI arranges your OSHC for the duration of your scholarship length. Certain services might not be covered by OSHC but ancillary cover can be purchased at your own expense. It is important that you always inform the OSHC provider of your current address details.

Contribution to living expenses (CLE) – from 1 January 2013

Rate: $82.20 per day / approx. $30,000 per annum.

You are responsible for all your expenses in Australia including the expenses of any family members. Australia Awards students receive a standard CLE rate. We also refer to the CLE as a stipend.

The CLE is paid every fortnight into your nominated bank account. If you change your bank account, please update those details immediately via myUNSW.

Important: The CLE ceases five days after examination results are officially published for coursework students. For research students this is up to five days after the submission of your thesis.


You are entitled to an airfare to and from Australia at the beginning and end of your scholarship. All airfares are for economy class and via the most direct route.

ACIAR covers the cost of return airfares to the home country for approved fieldwork - up to two return airfares for a Masters student and up to three for a PhD student are permitted for fieldwork in the home country on the advice of the university supervisor and ACIAR. As more than one field trip to the home country is available it should be noted that ACIAR students are not eligible for additional Reunion airfares.

Tuition fees

Full academic fees and other compulsory fees (e.g. Student Amenities Fee) that apply to international students undertaking the same course are paid by the scholarship.

Supplementary Academic Support (SAS)

SAS is accrued at a rate of $500 every 6 months.

Institutions may arrange supplementary academic support in the form of:

  • individual tutorial assistance or academic support;
  • group tutorial sessions (e.g. supplementary computer training) when a number of students are experiencing similar difficulties;
  • thesis editing (but not word processing) and final binding of thesis (only if still on scholarship!!!);
  • Postgraduate Awardees only: attendance at a conference or seminar in Australia related to their studies/research provided the awardee is maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

SAS funding cannot be used for:

  • attendance at an overseas conference or seminar;
  • purchase of IT hardware (e.g. laptop, mobile phone, iPod)


These Guidelines outline the student's responsibilities and entitlements, give information on student management and scholarship processes and are a good resource to refer to in the first instance if you have any questions about your scholarship program ACIAR Guidelines.

For more information see the ACIAR website.