International Student Support Advisors

International Student Support Drop-in Service available Monday to Friday.

International Student Support

Student Support Advisors can help you with

  • Adjusting to life at UNSW and the broader community (home sickness, cultural, social and academic adjustment)
  • Understanding student visa conditions
  • Accommodation or work-related problems
  • Academic difficulties
  • Personal and family issues
  • Financial difficulties
  • How enrolment changes will impact on your student visa 
  • Advice about services available and where to get help
  • Understanding UNSW policies and procedures
  • Incidents or issues causing you distress (emergencies, accidents, natural disasters).

Other support information

  • Faculty student services in the Nucleus - enrolment related enquiries, student id, transcripts and more
  • ARC – information for International students on what supports are available including food hampers, accommodation and financial help 
  • Study NSW – further supports available including government support options 

How to meet with a Student Support Advisor

Drop-in service

There's a daily drop in service for short (10-15 minute) consultations in person or via phone or virtual face-to-face video call, Monday to Friday.  

  • In person 1:00pm - 4:00pm: Click here to join the In-Person Queue. A Student Support Advisor will see you in the Nucleus.
  • Virtual 1:00pm - 4:00pm: Click here to join the Virtual Queue. A Student Support Advisor will call you on Teams or phone.  Please ensure your phone number is up to date on MyUNSW

Book an appointment

In person or virtual face-to-face video call appointments. 

Students can book a 30 minute appointment HERE

  • In person appointment: Book an appointment with the advisor that’s available on campus on the day. The appointment will take place in the Student Support office in the John Goodsell Building, Ground floor. When booking in, please write “in person” in the note section.

     Tuesday: Pia Larsson

     Wednesday: Helen Craig 

     Friday: Semra Tastan 

  • Virtual face-to-face video call or phone appointment: When booking in, please write “virtual" or "phone” in the note section. Before the appointment time, download Microsoft Teams, install and log in. You will be sent a Teams meeting request for your appointment with an International Student Support Advisor.

Online enquiries

Submit your questions through ASK US

Meet the team!

Read more about our friendly team of International Student Support Advisors.

Jo Cassidy

International Student Support Advisor Appointments

My name is Jo and I am the Manager, International Student Support

How long have you been at UNSW? I started at UNSW in January this year.

Favourite thing about my job: I love working with a team of people who are passionate about creating the best International student experience possible in a creative and meaningful way.

Stressbuster: I like to cook and chat on the phone with friends and family when I am feeling overwhelmed.

Pia Larsson

International Student Support Advisor Appointments

Hi! My name is Pia Larsson and I’ve been working as an International Student Advisor at UNSW since 2010.                                            

Favourite things about my job: Sharing the journeys of international students, meeting interesting people of all backgrounds and working with compassionate people.                                                             

Stressbusters: Being extra mindful about reconnecting with my body throughout the day, so that I can respond to what it needs and use it's intelligence to guide me. I also love spending time by/in the ocean and having dance parties with my 2-year old, who particularly loves shuffling to Hammer Time. 

Helen Craig

International Student Support Advisor Appointments

My name is Helen and I have worked as an International Student Advisor at UNSW for more than 5 years but have been a part of UNSW for much longer. I completed my studies here and lived on campus - some of the best times of my life. 

What I love about this job is hearing about your life, what you love doing, life back home and also your study. Anything that helps me to understand you, your passions and what drives you. 

Right now, to relax and pass the time at home, I like having a stroll with 'Mr B'; my dog Billy and swimming any chance I can get. Dancing around the kitchen to bad 80's music or new music introduced to me by my kids is my other stress release, even Billy gets into it.  

Semra Tastan

International Student Support Advisor Appointments

My name is Semra. I’ve been an International Student Advisor for the past 3 years and have worked at UNSW for 6 years. 

Favourite thing about my job: I love working with students and being a part of their journey at UNSW.  

Stressbuster: I like to spend time doodling or drawing when I am stressed.