International Student Advisors

International Student Advisor Appointments

Student Advisors can help you with

  • Adjusting to life at UNSW and the broader community (home sickness, cultural, social and academic adjustment)
  • Understanding student visa conditions
  • Accommodation or work-related problems
  • Academic difficulties
  • personal and family issues
  • Financial difficulties
  • Enrolment changes and how these will impact on your student visa
  • Advice about services available and where to get help
  • Understanding UNSW policies and procedures
  • Incident or issues causing you distress (emergencies, accidents, natural disasters).


How to meet with a Student Advisor

Drop-in service @ The Nucleus

Advisors available Monday to Friday for brief appointments between 10am - 4.30pm. Longer appointments can be scheduled if needed.

Drop-in service for period Monday 06/01/2020 - Friday 07/02/2020 will be from 12pm - 3 pm. 

Please choose ISEU Drop In queue at the Kiosk machine.


Book a Consultation

Limited consultations are available on the booking system. These 30-minute sessions are available to discuss personal or academic difficulties.

If you are unable to book a consultation, please attend Drop-in Service @ The Nucleus.