Financial Management and Support

Financial Management and Support

Student Support Advisors can provide students with practical advice and skills to assist financial management and literacy. Advisors can discuss and assist with:  

  • Balancing needs and wants with spending.  

  • Fixing spending leaks.  

  • SMART goals for your budget 

  • Setting realistic financial goals.  

  • Drafting and discussing a budget that is tailored to you. The importance of saving as a University student.  

  • Saving and spending tips  


Contact Student Support Advisors 

  • You can book an appointment with an advisor on the UNSW Health and Wellbeing booking page here


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Student Grants, Loans and Emergency Vouchers  

UNSW provides students experiencing financial difficulties to persist in their studies through a range of one-off financial support options. The types of living and study expenses that financial support may assist with include:  

  • Laptops and technology  

  • Bonds, rent and other accommodation related expenses  

  • Academic materials  

  • Medical expenses  

  • Phone or utility bills  

  • Groceries, public transport, and other daily living expenses  

They may not be used for: 

  • Existing debts or loans 

  • Tuition expenses or exchange programs 

To demonstrate your eligibility you may be required to provide supporting documentation, including, but not limited to:  

  • Most recent bank statements that show all expenses and incoming funds  

  • Quotes for intended purchases  

  • Proof of income  

  • Completed budget outlines  

  • Payslips or proof of Centrelink payments  

Please also note that student’s individual situations are assessed on a case-by-case basis and those experiencing extreme financial hardship are prioritised. A student must have investigated part-time employment or other options to support their studies.  

You can find FAQs on the UNSW Support Package website. 


Student Loans 

All loans offered by UNSW are repayable and interest-free. Domestic and international students, and Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students are eligible to apply.  

Students must satisfy specific application and approval criteria, including proving capacity to repay the loan and sign a legally binding contract that outlines the repayment arrangement.  

Loans are generally, up to $1500, although up to a value of $4000 for exceptional circumstances. Repayable within 24 months or prior to degree completion, whichever comes first. Please note that students will not be able to graduate without having paid off student loans.  

You can read more about the Student Loans in the UNSW Student Loans Procedure 

If you want to apply for a loan, you can book appointment with an advisor here


Postgrad research students 

If you are a postgraduate research student in need of a loan for materials or equipment (including laptop/computer) not covered by the Facilities and Resources to Support Higher degree Research Candidate Guidelines, you may be eligible for a HDR Student Loan. For more information, see Scholarships and Financial Support or HDR Student Loans Information Sheet. 


UNSW Canberra students 

Emergency assistance loans are available for UNSW Canberra students through UNSW Canberra Student Administrative Services. 

  • Phone: +61 2 6268 6000 

Postgraduate research students

If you are a postgraduate research student in need of a loan for:

UNSW Canberra students

Emergency assistance loans

Emergency assistance loans are available for UNSW Canberra students through UNSW Canberra Student Administrative Services.

Long term loans

Long term loans are available for UNSW Canberra students, see Student loans provided by Student Support and Success