Returning from Student Exchange

Returning from Student Exchange

There are several things you need to do to finalise your transfer of credit and organise your re-enrolment.

Transfer of credit

To complete the final steps for your transfer of credit you should:

  1. Check your academic transcript has arrived from the partner university.
  2. If your program of study changed while you were on exchange, request approval for these courses via your student exchange application.
  3. Complete your Transfer of Credit form and Returned Student Questionnaire via your exchange application
  4. Check that your UNSW transcript is updated and that your course exemptions are correct so that you can graduate on time.


Generally you need to complete your online enrolment during the normal re-enrolment period.

If a course you wish to enrol in has pre-requisites that you completed overseas but your credit has not yet been transferred, take your transcript from the partner university to your faculty and discuss the situation with them.

If you are at all unsure about the status of your enrolment, sign on to myUNSW

Reverse culture shock

After you return home, you may feel restless and bored, or that your friends are not interested in hearing about your experience overseas.

Just as you had to adjust to a new culture overseas, you now have to readjust to life back home. The best way to readjust is to understand that reverse culture shock is normal, and that in time you will cultivate a deep appreciation of both your exchange culture and your home environment. But above all, stay involved with the exchange program.

If you need further information or support to readjust to life in Australia, contact UNSW Counselling.

Need more information?

For more information, please contact our Student Exchange Advisors.