Internal Internships and Work Placements

Build your professional skills and gain practical workplace experience by completing an internship. An internship is an excellent way to develop professional skills and confidence in a work setting. In some instances you can gain real exposure to your industry which can significantly enhance your employability.

Employers: Please note that UNSW Advantage internships are internally organised internships specifically for UNSW students.

External internship opportunities can be directed to our Careers team at

How to find internships

Log in to the Careers portal to access the main jobs board for students. The portal is updated daily with hundreds of casual, professional, volunteer and paid opportunities including internships.

Below on this page you can find internships promoted with UNSW Advantage. Many of these programs are accredited as eligible for recognition on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Other great opportunities

Paid and volunteer internships

Paid internships are very competitive, as students are employed and paid to work for a company in an entry-level position. Many companies, both locally and overseas, also offer students at UNSW the opportunity to work voluntarily for a company or organization to gain experience.

Internships for academic credit

Arts and Social Sciences

Enrol in a degree credit vocational placement course. The program provides an exciting opportunity to put theory into practice and gain valuable professional experience.

UNSW Business School

Getting industry experience while studying will greatly improve your chances of getting that job you want when you graduate.

Overseas research exchange

Gain research experience at a partner university. You might be able to include this experience in your research work at UNSW.


Many faculties such as FASS, Engineering and Law offer discipline-specific opportunities available for their students that you may count towards your degree program. Please consult your faculty for further information.

Overseas opportunities

UNSW does not presently endorse any specific third party provider programs. All programs involved some degree of risk to participants. Students are advised to undertake their own risk assessment before departure and any participation in these programs is at their own risk. Students who secure overseas internships should Register their Travel.

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