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Complete your myExperience survey via the link in Moodle or go to


Give your feedback in confidence

Your identity is not released to teaching staff and you are not identified in any reports.

We release one report for your course and only include the answers to questions and comments only for the class as a whole

Your teachers will never see your name or zID. Read the myExperience Survey Privacy Statement.


What you say can never influence your marks

We do not release myExperience reports until your results are officially published. 


Constructive feedback helps us make decisions

Your feedback is a source of evidence for the purposes of promotion and awards.

We take this very seriously so please ensure your comments are as constructive, accurate and detailed as possible.

We read all student comments. Your comments make a big difference.


Find out how feedback has led to change

Change really does happen. Student feedback informs quality assurance and continuous improvement processes at the course, program, school and faculty level. 

A page is available in Moodle soon so teaching staff can let students know how student feedback has led to positive change in your courses.



Want to know more?


How do I login?

myExperience has two sets of questions: course questions and teacher questions (see below).

  • Login to myExperience directly or;
  • Go directly to your surveys via your link in Moodle
  • Once logged in you will see a list of all of your available surveys for each course you are enrolled in
  • Follow each link and provide feedback for the relevant course or teacher(s)
  • A deadline is shown for each survey on the list.


What kind of feedback can I leave?

Survey reports are sent to course cauthorities and teachers so that they can respond to the feedback. Lots of improvements are made as a result of your feedback. This may include changing course delivery methods, changes to reading lists or course content. Teachers will normally let you know what changes have been made as a result of previous student feedback.

Both the course survey and teacher surveys have two open questions so that you can give specific feedback on your courses and teachers. Use these open questions to express your concerns and suggestions as these can be the most valuable part of the surveys. 

Be constructive by providing useful comments and suggestions that can lead to a positive outcome such as a better process or improved behaviours. Constructive feedback can be positive - letting someone know what they are doing well, negative - making suggestions about things that could be improved, or neutral - which could be simply an objective observation.

Always respond with courtesy, tolerance and respect as called for under the UNSW Student Code of Conduct

Some tips on giving feedback:

  • Be thoughtful, fair and constructive.
  • Be specific and provide relevant example to illustrate your point.
  • Avoid comments which are personal such as comments about dress or appearance and focus on the learning and teaching activities.
  • Do not write anything that is offensive, racist or sexist.

Some examples of feedback:

  • Instead of saying "The class was great."  explain why the class was great - "The class was great. The information was well organised and presented and the explanations were easy to follow".
  • Instead of "I enjoyed this course".  say  "I enjoyed this course because the teacher used interesting examples that made the class interesting and easy to understand."
  • Instead of "I couldn't understand anything he said" try "He should explain difficult concepts in depth rather than just reading from slides" or "When he used jargon that we didn't know, I had trouble taking notes because i didn't understand the words enough to write them down accurately."


When are the surveys open?

You will receive an email when myExperience is open and ready for you to complete – just follow the personalised link to access your survey. myExperience will also be promoted in Moodle, so look out for this on your course pages. You can also login directly to myExperience or find the link in the top left hand corner of myUNSW.

A course is surveyed each time it is offered. For courses which run in the standard UNSW Academic Calendar the surveys will open approximately 2 to 3 weeks before the end of the teaching period.

All surveys close before the exam period.

AGSM, UG Medicine and UNSW Canberra surveys operate to their academic calendars and have similar evaluation periods.


Are my responses confidential?

The myExperience survey is completely confidential and your identity is not released to teaching staff.

The survey is conducted in accordance with the myExperience Survey Procedure, and the myExperience Survey Privacy Statement.  Your responses will be managed in accordance with the Data Governance Policy. Responses are reported in an aggregated manner and no individual will be identified in the reporting of the survey results.  Please note however, if you include identifying information in free text responses this may be available in the survey results.


What are the survey questions?

There are two sets of questions in the myExperience survey – course questions and teacher questions. The same teacher questions will be asked for all teachers i.e. lecturers and tutors.

Course Questions

1. I felt part of a learning community.

2. The feedback helped me learn.

3. The course resources helped me learn.

4. The assessment tasks were relevant to the course content.

5. Overall I was satisfied with the quality of the course.

6. What were the best things about this course? [Open comments]

7. What could be improved? [Open comments]

Teacher Questions

1. This teacher encouraged student participation.

2. This teacher provided helpful feedback.

3. Overall I was satisfied with the quality of this person's teaching.

4. The best features of this person's teaching were__. [Open comments]

5. This person's teaching could be improved by__. [Open comments]

 Note - in the live myExperience survey, the teacher's [Preferred name] + [Last name] will be listed in replacement of 'this teacher' i.e. 'Joe Bloggs encouraged student participation'