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Your student life is alive, online! Follow the UNSW community on socials, chat live online with a student mentor, take part in online challenges, activities & so much more. Keeping you connected is our top priority!

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What is Online Peer Support?

Access confidential, personalised support online by speaking with one of our trained student mentors.  

Through the live chat you can connect to a student mentor who can provide guidance and support! When you click the "Chat online here" button, or the chat widget at the bottom of the screen, one of our experienced Live Chat Mentors will answer your question. It provides the perfect opportunity for students to connect to peer during these difficult times of self-isolation and worry.

Meet our Student Mentors


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How our Mentors can help you

The Live Chat Mentors are trained and experienced students who know about UNSW's services, support and policies and can help you find the right support for your circumstances. The Mentors are keen to help and enjoy supporting the UNSW student community.

Through the Live Chat you can ask any question about student life, and a friendly peer will point you in the right direction, including:

    • What is the difference between a tutorial and a lecture?
    • What is a day in the life of a UNSW student like?
    • What are the best ways to make friends and meet new people?
    • Have I processed my enrolment properly? Who should I contact to ensure I have finalised my enrolment?
    • What do I need to do to help me settle in once I have enrolled?
    • Is there anything I should do to prepare over the holidays, before I start my first classes?
    • How is UNSW supporting students during COVID-19?
    • I'm worried about self-isolation impacting on my studies. Who can support me?
    • I'm feeling pretty lonely because of self-isolation. How can I stay connected to the UNSW community?
    • The gym and fitness options on campus are closed because of COVID-19. How can I stay fit, healthy and connected?

And any other questions you can think of to help you with life as a UNSW student.

A note about COVID-19: the Live Chat Mentors are trained to support you during this global health crisis, however, they may refer you on to other services to make sure you get the most appropriate and relevant support for your needs.

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For all other enquiries including advice, forms and referrals to services, please contact the Nucleus

Visit the Current Student Virtual Lounge to stay connected with your student life, online!

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