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Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th May, 12pm - 8pm AEST

Term 2, Week 1 - Week 10:

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How Live Chat Can Help You

Chatting to a Student Mentor is a great way to access confidential, personalised support online!

  • Click the "Chat online here" button above to start a live chat through our messaging system! Available all term!

The Live Chat Mentors are trained and experienced students who know about UNSW's services, support and policies and can help you find the right support for your circumstances. The Student Mentors are keen to help and enjoy supporting the UNSW student community.

Through the Live Chat you can ask any question about student life, and a friendly peer will point you in the right direction, including:

    • What is the difference between a tutorial and a lecture?
    • What is a day in the life of a UNSW student like?
    • What are the best ways to meet new people and be social?
    • Have I processed my enrolment properly? Who should I contact to ensure I have finalised my enrolment?
    • What do I need to do to help me settle in once I have enrolled?
    • Is there anything I should do to prepare over the holidays, before I start my first classes?
    • How is UNSW supporting students during COVID-19?
    • I'm worried about self-isolation impacting on my studies. Who can support me?
    • I'm feeling pretty lonely because of self-isolation. How can I stay connected to the UNSW community?
    • The gym and fitness options on campus are closed because of COVID-19. How can I stay fit, healthy and connected?

And any other questions you can think of to help you with life as a UNSW student.

A note about COVID-19: the Live Chat Mentors are trained to support you during this global health crisis, however, they may refer you on to other services to make sure you get the most appropriate and relevant support for your needs.

Meet Our Student Mentors

T2 Live Chat Student Mentors

I'm in my second year of a double degree in Maths and Computer Science. Starting in 2020, I have spent most of my learning online and with this came many challenges, which many of you might have faced already, and this can be difficult, so let me make your life easier!


Hello! I'm in my fourth year of a double degree in Commerce and Law. As an international student I have been actively involved in uni extracurricular programs and activities, I hope I can help you!

I am in my second and final year of my masters degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and I still am learning and being acquainted to many of UNSW Services! I can help you make your UNSW life easier by guiding you to the correct UNSW resources you would need as there is always an answer to almost every query you have.

Hello! I am a 2nd year Commerce student majoring in Marketing and Information Systems. I know university can be overwhelming, so I’d be happy to offer guidance by answering your questions and sharing my knowledge regarding UNSW student life.

Muhammad Haider Ali
I'm a final year Master of Commerce student specializing in finance. I know starting university is a major event in one's life, that's why I am here to answer your queries and to make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

I'm in the last year of my Master in International Business Degree. I care about initiatives like physical health and mental wellbeing. I hope I can help you with my learnings and experience as a UNSW student.

Hi! I'm in the last year of my Bachelor of Media Arts and Computer Science. Being in my last year, I often look back on the times when I was in my first year, completely clueless about where to begin my journey, and I wish I had discovered the very helpful resources at UNSW sooner! I'm here to help you transition into uni life and help resolve any queries that you might have.

Hello everyone, my name is Vedanshi and I am second year student pursuing a double degree in Psychology and Creative writing. The shift in academics and culture along with the ongoing global pandemic can be very daunting! I would love to extend my support to you and make your university experience as smooth and exciting as possible.

I am a second year master's student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. My journey at UNSW has been amazing and outstanding to say the least. I am always up for chatting and helping out with the best solutions at hand, so reach out and ace your time at UNSW!!

Senior Student Mentors

I'm a third year student studying commerce and law. I definitely can relate to the anticipation that comes with starting uni for the first time and am excited to share my experiences and assist you with your transition! 

I am a second year student studying Civil Engineering. I will try my best to provide you with the guidance you need and ensure that you feel supported and connected to the UNSW community!

Hiya! I'm a 3rd year Psychological Science student that took quite the....detour in getting here. Hopefully, I get to share with you what I've learnt along the way, to help make your very own journey at UNSW as rewarding as possible!

I'm a fourth year studying Education and Mathematics. Starting university may be a challenging and confusing experience, but I'll be here to help you settle in and answer any UNSW-related questions you may have!

I’m currently a fourth year student majoring in psychology. I understand starting university can be difficult, confusing and scary at times but rest assured I’ll do my best to provide you with assistance to ensure you have a smooth transition into UNSW.
I'm a third year Actuarial Studies student and keen to help you navigate life at UNSW. I would love to share useful tips and information, and lead you to the services you need!
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Other Helpful Services

Sometimes our Student Mentors may need to refer you on to a UNSW service or staff member so you get the best support! Here are some other services or areas at UNSW that you might find helpful or need to reach out to.

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