What is UNSW Advantage?

UNSW Advantage is the official accreditation body that assesses co-curricular activities and professional development opportunities undertaken by students throughout the university, for inclusion on participants' Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS).

In so doing it helps create standards of excellence in the Career Development Learning (CDL) experience available to students throughout the university.

Advantage also serves to promote the importance of this kind of development to UNSW students, as well as increase the visibility of over 450 different activities it has endorsed to date through promotional activities.

The key objectives of UNSW Advantage are to:

  • Ensure all university volunteering and professional development activities and positions undertaken by students are recognised on their AHEGS.
  • Widen student participation and engagement in quality co-curricular activities.
  • Support all areas of the university in developing and promoting volunteering and professional development opportunities for students.
  • Create a vibrant and world class Career Development Learning (CDL) experience for students.

There are currently over 450 co-curricular opportunities recognised through UNSW Advantage, and over 70 different providers from across the university.