IPT for the Faculty of Law

Here you can find undergraduate programs in the UNSW Law Faculty available for Internal Program Transfer (IPT).

For students in non-Law programs

UNSW Law reserves 100 places for students to apply for entry to the undergraduate Law program via Internal Program Transfer (IPT). UNSW students who

  • have completed a minimum of 48 units of credit (UOC) at UNSW 
  • have not failed any courses 
  • are not in the final year of their current program

will be eligible to apply for an internal program transfer to a Law double degree program. For entry to Law in Term 1 2020, applicants will be assessed solely on their UNSW studies. Excellent students from all UNSW Faculties are encouraged to apply.

Important information for students who have completed more than 48 UOC, applying for IPT to Law:

  • Timetabling is based on the expectation that transferring students will have completed 48 UOC only of their partner degree. Due to sequencing and pre-requisites, students transferring to Law with more than 48 UOC cannot be guaranteed a full-time timetable.
  • Students in the final year of their current degree program are not eligible for an IPT place in Law and should apply instead for the Juris Doctor program (via Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) for domestic students or Apply Online for international students).
  • Students currently in an International Studies program will not be permitted to take program leave or defer an IPT Law offer to commence in Term 3 2020 if they are going on an overseas exchange in Term 3 2019, Term 1 and Term 2 2020. If the student receives an IPT offer to the Law program and wishes to accept the offer to commence in Term 1 2020, they will be required to transfer to another law degree program (e.g. Arts/Law).

Please note:

  • All applications for internal transfer will be considered based on information available at the time applications are assessed. As there is a specified period in which applications are assessed and a decision made, that decision cannot be delayed – i.e. it cannot be made after the assessment period has closed. Similarly, there is no provision for considering late results.
  • For students in non-Law programs, transfer to a Law degree program is only available in Term 1.

For current Law students

Current Law students wishing to transfer to a different Law program in Term 1 or Term 3 e.g. Arts/Law to Science/Law do not compete with other internal program transfer applicants.

Internal program transfer between Law programs are generally approved except for students who are not in GOOD academic standing. Applications from students not in GOOD academic standing will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

List of Law programs available

4737Actuarial Studies / Law
3998Advanced Mathematics (Hons) / Law
3997Advanced Science (Hons) / Law
4783Arts and Business / Law
4782Arts / Law
4706City Planning (Hons) / Law1
4733Commerce / Law
3786Computer Science / Law
4763Criminology and Criminal Justice / Law
4795Data Science and Decisions / Law
4744Economics / Law
3765Engineering (Honours) / Law
4759Fine Arts / Law
4788International Studies / Law1
4789Media (Public Relations and Advertising) / Law
4792Media (Communications and Journalism) / Law
4752Media (Screen and Sound Production) / Law
4755Medicinal Chemistry (Hons) / Law1
4774Music / Law1, 2
4779Music (Hons) / Law1,3
4797Politics, Philosophy and Economics / Law1
4722Psychological Science / Law
4721Psychology (Hons) / Law1
4770Science / Law
4772Science and Business / Law
4771Social Research & Policy / Law
4787Social Work (Hons) / Law1


1 These programs are not available to current Law students for Term 3 internal transfer.

2 Additional Selection Criteria:  Students must complete an audition for the Bachelor of Music degree. Students must register online at https://www.arts.unsw.edu.au/sam/study-us/subject-areas/music/music-audition-registration by midday Monday 4 November 2019

3 In order to transfer to the Honours program, students must have a minimum WAM of 70 in the Music component of program 4774 Music/Law and have satisfied all core, elective and stream requirements in levels 1-3 of Music.

Current Law students who wish to apply to the Law Honours program do so via the Faculty of Law.

See Law Honours eligibility requirements.