Arts and Social Sciences Courses for Summer Term 2021

Please note: The following information is provided as a guide only to help you find information about Summer Term courses. Offering information may change so please refer to the Handbook for more current information.

Course CodeCourse Title
ARTS2374Ways of Reasoning
ARTS2389Philosophy as a Way of Life
ARTS2458Along the Silk Road
ARTS2542Gods, Heroines and Heroes
ARTS3991Arts and Social Sciences Capstone
ARTS5505Personalised English Language Enhancement
ARTS5506Australian Aboriginal Languages
EDST2002Professional Engagement
EDST5036Education Project 1
EDST5107High Incidence Disabilities
EDST5147Thesis Writing and Presentation
EDST5457Literature Review in Education
EDST5460Specialist Study in Education
EDST5462Teacher Leadership
EDST5802Identification of Gifted Students
EDST5889Minor Thesis
HUMS1005Personalised English Language Enhancement
HUMS1006Presentation Skills
HUMS1009Sounds Good
HUMS1010Experiencing Sydney Opera House
HUMS1011Experiencing Sydney Crime
HUMS1012Australian Aboriginal Languages
HUMS2000Arts Internship
MDIA5029Introduction to Advertising
SOCW4015Honours Research Thesis