Animate Me

'Animate Me' showcases the work of UNSW Art and Design students as they explore key ideas affecting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of students.

Listening can help, Duration:3:02. Jeremy Chung, animation support Amy Vuong and Jess Lam. Concept Beverley Veasey and the Mind Smart animation team.

One small step. Concept Beverley Veasey, Animation by Jeremy Chung. [Duration 1:34]


Thoughts are just thoughts, Jess Lam.....[Duration 1:13].


Sleep and what happens if you don’t get it, by Amy Vuong. [Duration 1:39]



Sleep is like a time machine to breakfast, by Jessica Lam. [Duration 0:21]

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, by Amy Vuong


Courage is not the Absence of Fear by Jeremy Chung. [Duration: 1:08]

 Talent without discipline… Jeremy Chung. [Duration 0:12]


Create a life that feels good on the inside, by Amy Vuong. [Duration 0:15]


Be you, because everybody else is taken, by Amy Vuong. [Duration 0:29]


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