Commonwealth Assistance

Commonwealth Support and other HELP loans

Domestic students, New Zealand Special Category visa holders and holders of humanitarian visas who are residing in Australia may be eligible for fee assistance or a loan from the Federal Government. Full details of Government schemes are available at the Government's Study Assist site.

These pages provide information on how to apply for and manage whatever Government scheme you are eligible for at UNSW.

HECS-HELP (Commonwealth Supported)

Most UNSW commencing undergraduate domestic places are Commonwealth Supported

Postgraduate Commonwealth Support

Postgraduate places are available in some programs


Offers eligible Full-Fee students a loan for their tuition fees


Provides a loan to pay the SSAF


Provides a loan to pay overseas study costs

Commonwealth Assistance information booklets

Students are required to read the Government's Information Booklets for the HELP they are applying for:

HECS-HELP booklet (pdf, 573KB)

FEE-HELP booklet (pdf, 462KB)

SA-HELP booklet (pdf, 442KB)

OS-HELP booklet (pdf, 428KB)

A comprehensive collection of Government Assistance booklets is available on the Study Assist site.

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