What are the responsibilities?

What responsibilities does a Provider agree to for a UNSW Advantage accredited opportunity?

A Provider is the university organisation delivering or supervising a UNSW Advantage accredited opportunity, and the staff involved in that process.

Each provider does an outstanding job in helping offer an exceptional co-curricular experience to our students, that genuinely supports their development into competitive graduates and engaged citizens with professional skills and the potential to be leaders of the future.

To ensure the quality of the experiences offered to students, and maintain the integrity and calibre of AHEGS recognition, all activities are carefully assessed through the nomination process as per the eligibility criteria outlined above.

As a provider of a UNSW Advantage accredited opportunity, the following responsibilities and duties will apply:

  • All providers should ensure they are running an effective recruitment process, providing training to fulfil the role, and supervising students to support them in their professional development.
  • An Activity Administrator must be appointed to help coordinate the activity. They are responsible for ensuring all students have met the minimum 20 hour requirement, and completed the activities congruent with the original nomination. They agree to help administer the student validation process, by uploading the student ID for each participant when requested in time for graduations.
  • All providers should ensure their UNSW Advantage web listing has relevant, resourceful and current information for students. As applications for opportunities open and close, staff movements and any changes to an activity occur, a provider must contact the UNSW Advantage team to ensure information is updated online timely.
  • To support the uni-wide effort to educate students about professional and skills development, providers are also asked to promote their UNSW Advantage status when marketing their opportunity to students. Postcard flyers promoting skills development through UNSW Advantage are available to promote in student-facing centres and front counters. Digital assets are also available, including the online quiz, imagery and slides for training sessions - all upon request.

Contact UNSW Advantage to discuss this further.

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