Staff Editorial Instructions

Here you can find editorial instructions for staff editing the current student website. You may want to bookmark this page. These instructions are being developed and will evolve over time so please refer back to this page for updates

Log in for editorial access

Log in at
using your Staff ID and password.

A link to the login page is also accessible via the site feedback form's Information for staff toggle

I can't log in. What should I do?

If your editorial access has not yet been set up, email

If your editorial access has been set up but you can't log in:

Please email if you continue to encounter access issues.

What can I do with editorial access?

Edit access enables you to create web pages, web forms, news/notices, key dates, events, quicklinks and toggles (accordion page sections that can be expanded and collapsed).

You can also upload images, create document links and embed videos.

Staff training

Please email if you would like tips and training on:

  • Log in,
  • Bookmarking,
  • Key board shortcuts,
  • Creating content,
  • Adding accordion =/- toggles,
  • Uploading files,
  • Adding pages to navigation etc.

Global Education Office

Here you can find additional instructions for the Global Education Office:

Remove (archive) information from the Current Student website

In compliance with NSW State Records, we archive rather than delete information from the Current Student website. Archiving ensures that the information is no longer publicly accessible but can be retrieved if required.

Archive a News notice or an Event

As an editor of the Current Student website, you can archive News notices and Events you control as follows:

  1. Log in to the Current Student website as a user.
  2. Open the required page.
  3. Click Moderate > Unpublish.

Archive a Page

  1. Log in to the Current Student website as a user.
  2. Open the required page.
  3. Create a new draft of the page, replacing the outdated information with the statement, "The information on this page is no longer current and has been archived."
  4. Save the new draft and publish it.
  5. Email the Webmaster ( advising that the page needs to be archived. The Webmaster will archive the page and ensure that all broken links to the archived page are removed.

Contact for help

If you need assistance please contact the DVC Academic's Divisional Webmaster:

David Horsley


phone extension 56219

Keyboard shortcuts

Note: Ctrl on Mac = cmd

  • Ctrl and 2 = H2 heading size (largest heading size in the content editor)
  • Ctrl and 3 = H3 heading size
  • Ctrl and 4 = H4 heading size
  • Ctrl and 7 = paragraph format
  • Ctrl and B = bold text
  • Ctrl and i = italic text
  • Ctrl and C = copy
  • Ctrl and V = paste
  • Ctrl and X = delete
  • Ctrl and Z = undo
  • Ctrl and Y = redo
  • Enter = new paragraph
  • Shift and Enter = Single line break

By holding the ‘Shift’ key and clicking the ‘Enter’ keyboard key, you are entering a “manual line break” as opposed to a new “paragraph”.


  • Ctrl and click hyperlink to open link in a new window
  • Ctrl and T = new tab
  • Ctrl and N = new window
  • Ctrl and W = close tab/window
  • Windows key and L = Lock workstation
  • Windows and M = Minimise all windows and display desktop.