UNSW Student Development and Support

Student Development and Support under Student Life and Communities DVC(A) offers Professional Development & Community Engagement, Educational Support and Disability Support. All opportunities and support are designed to compliment your university degree and academic study. 

Co-curricular programs

Start your co-curricular journey with us today! UNSW Advantage accredits over 450 volunteer and professional development opportunities available here at UNSW. We check the quality of these opportunities to ensure you are getting a great experience. We also ensure what you learn is listed on your AHEGS when you graduate. All of these experiences help you develop yourself, and gain the skills and confidence to be the best you can be.

Support services for students

Explore the range of support services available to students through Student Development, Student Life. 

Online development opportunities

Online professional development can assist you to identify your strengths, areas for improvement and empower you to take that extra step towards personal and academic success.   

Towards graduation

Explore our range of professional development opportunities that focus on graduate capabilities.


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